Autumn Wave
24" x 36", acrylic, 1989

There is only one tree in this painting. In autumn, this tree goes through a strange and unique transformation. The right half of the tree turns completely red before the left half. You cannot see this phenomenom from this angle, but it is as if someone drew a line down the center of the trunk and painted the right side of the tree red, leaving the left side green. Unfortunately, this event is short lived and all the leaves turn red eventually.

Pencil sketch

When you start encircling this tree, you are struck by its forms and light/dark contrasts. At this angle, the clusters of leaves look like waves about to crash down on the side of a house. Like a wave, the tree has depth to it which gives the image somewhat of a three dimensional effect. The blue sky pierces through the dark innermost leaves with such vigor. There is interplay here you cannot deny.

I am glad I did this painting back in 1989. If I had done it today, I probably would have done it smaller. At 24"x36", it is quite large. Its size is truly intimidating and the trees very intrusive. Come to think of it, the painting is just the right size. I always get a good feeling when I look at it. It is definitely therapeutic.