The Face
36 x 43cm
The Face
14" x 17", acrylic, 2006

I first laid eyes on that face years ago on my neighborhood bus. We lived in the same neighborhood so I knew it was just a matter of time before our paths were going to cross again and I was going to ask her to pose for me.

One day, I saw her go into our local neighborhood grocery store. I thought it was a good place to approach her and ask her to pose for me. There she was in the fruit and vegetable section unaware that I was going to ask her the million dollar question. I finally got close to her and started the conversation with, "Bonjour, est-ce que je peux te parler pour une seconde?" ("Hello, can I speak to you for a second?"). I explained the situation, gave her my business card, and suggested she take her time in making her decision.

In the next couple of weeks, she viewed my website and came over with a couple of friends to see my paintings in person. She liked the paintings and agreed to pose for me. She moved away shortly after posing for me, but I take comfort in the fact that a friendship was forged, and everytime I look at this painting, it puts a smile on my face. Truly a wonderful soul.