36 x 41cm
Miss Beaudry
16" x 18 3/4", acrylic, November, 2009

Beaudry metro station is right in the middle of Montreal's gay village so it was inevitable that I was going to paint a gay individual, and who better to represent the outlandish, freespirited part of the gay community than Steeve, a gay man who lives his life openly and honestly. Of course, Steeve was ready to dress up as a drag queen from the start.

This painting has gotten more reaction than any other Subway Series painting that I have done. Most people like it, but the ones who dislike it, dislike it on a visceral level because of what it represents. The drag queen persona is even scorned at in certain circles of the gay community because they see it as an obstacle in taking the gay community seriously. I understand the controversy involved here, but what was I to do, paint an ordinary gay man? I don't think so.