36 x 31cm
Miss Concordia
14" x 12 1/4", acrylic, January, 2009

Every once in a while, somebody comes along and puts a smile on my face. Beth is one of those individuals. She is a delightful person to meet and a wonderful subject to paint. When I saw her wearing her mouse tuque for the first time, I knew that was how I wanted to paint her, and when she came dresssed in plaid pants and a long wine colored winter coat with floral designs to the posing session, I knew that I had something special here. She is definitely eccentrically stylish. I was impressed, but as I began talking to her, I discovered someone that was more than just a stylish dresser. The thing that impressed me the most about her was her love of life. While some people see the glass half empty and the rest struggle to see the glass half full, she seems to see the glass full, period.

Beth has one of the most creative minds I have ever seen. When she is not creating fashionable wear or performing in stage plays, we find her greatly appreciating the simplest things in life. But there is more to her than meets the eye. "People who know me outside of the context of school can often be misled into thinking that I am mostly an artistic person. My educational roots are set in science, my recreational roots are set in the arts, and my personal roots are set in the spiritual", Beth says.

I don't blame people who see her outside of the context of school for thinking that she is mostly an artistic person. After seeing her perform as Gianetta in Gilbert and Sullivan's, The Gondoliers, I was impressed by her voice and the ease in which she delved into the part. A joy to watch, which is a mark of a true and natural performer. I can certainly see her playing the lead role of Maria Von Trapp in a stage production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's, The Sound of Music.