36 x 28cm
De L'église
14" x 11", acrylic,
July, 2008

This is the divine Magdalena. Of polish descent, she exudes femininity in every way. She walks, talks, and conducts herself like a true lady. Eliza Doolittle has nothing on her. Professor Higgins need not apply!

With a name like Magdalena and a station called De L'église, it was inevitable that I was going to pursue a religious theme. As you can see, her head is placed front and center of a cross-shaped background. Also, the ornate purple and yellow bricks behind her are reminiscent of the colors found in countless Montreal churches. I like the different shades and combination of colors in the individual bricks. The architects certainly had a stained glass theme running through their minds when designing this métro station.

Magdalena's soft and rounded facial features coupled with the serenity she exudes makes her a perfect subject for a religious painting. To tell you the truth, she has a face that transcends any time and place. She could play a peasant farm girl in the Middle Ages, a servant in The Renaissance, or royalty in the Modern Period, but I am glad she ended up in today's Post-Modern Period!