The Subway Series
The Subway Series

Click on the red dotted (.) Métro stations to bring you to the individual paintings.

Miss Angrignon Miss St-Henri Miss DeLeglise Miss Concordia Miss Fabre Miss McGill Miss Mont-Royal Miss Sherbrooke Miss Champ-de-Mars Miss Beaudry Miss Longueuil

I am a Montrealer. I have lived in this city all of my life. I am also a subway user. For most city dwellers, taking the subway is often the most economical and efficient way of getting around. I also see it as a place of discovery. A place to discover wonderful faces. It is for this reason that I have always enjoyed taking the subway. According to me, faces are living sculptures waiting to be painted. For the longest time, I have been entertaining the idea of immortalizing these faces in paintings. Well, the time has come. In the coming years, when I see an interesting face in the Montreal Métro (subway), I will do my best to convince this person to pose for me and immortalize them in a painting.

Every subway user gets on or off at a particular station for a specific reason. It could be to get to and from work. It could be to go shopping. It could be to visit family or friends. It could be to go out on the town. Whatever the reason, everybody has a destination and therefore a station to "call their own". This is what 'The Subway Series' is all about. Each person that I paint will be matched with their particular Métro station. In the process, I will be recounting any interesting anecdotes of my Métro adventures. All you have to do is click on the red dotted Métro stations on the map above. They will bring you to the individual paintings. Ready? All aboard!

Why is this Subway Series a unique artform?

The Subway Series, in the end, will be a conglomeration of 3 artforms. The first is the simplest and most common form of artistic expression, the individual painting. Each painting will stand on its own as an individual physical entity. The second one is the most exciting part of the Series, performance art. It is where I try to convince a total stranger to pose for me. In this case, both parties become players in this artform. It is the most exciting part of the Subway Series, the initial contact between artist and potential subject. Believe me, it can be frightening for both subject and artist! The third and final artform would be the entire collection of all 68 paintings (stations), together, in one place, acting as a single artwork (entire subway map). This artform will be the most difficult to achieve as there is a possibility I may never finish this series, and even if I do finish it, getting all of them together, in one place, may be an impossible task!